Contemporary Garden Design – Where Style And Nature Merge!

When it comes to landscaping, the modern garden design not the same thing as the contemporary one; the former primarily focuses on minimalism with clean hard edging while the latter is more about achieving a stylish yet natural look.

The contemporary garden design is all about making the most of what nature has to offer, enhancing what is already in place. It can be a mix of things such as sprinkling fresh straws or mulch around seedlings or trimming the native trees to encourage growth.

Even then, some bit of creativity is welcome, as long as it is within the parameters of natural design principles. For instance, hard materials such as stone slabs and creating steps using wood or introducing a streamlined flower bed can result in a contemporary look.

In keeping with the above, below are tips that can help you achieve a garden that exudes a contemporary design.

1. Simple Colours

When you look at your back garden, much of what you will see is plenty of green; but you can silence this by introducing other colours such as whites and browns. In short, try and restrict your landscaping colour scheme to whites, green, and brown. For instance, you can use brown gravel or pale limestone for the paths. Any vibrant pop of colour should come from the plants as they bloom; which will be a colourful display that is in and out of season. For something a bit permanent, you can opt to paint any visible brickwork or even give them an additional element of texture.

2. Work With Patterns And Contrast

How you do your planting and spread them plays a significant role in the achieving the type of design you seek. Planting should be done with two or more patterns in mind. The patterns can be based on segmented cultivation where you consider the foliage and growth of the plants. As you put this into consideration, give some thought to the layout of your yard to help you achieve some contrast. The objective is to determine how the geometric shapes of the paths, steps, and the lawn will blend and contrast with the plants and hards materials.

3. Introduce Furniture And Ornaments

Injecting furniture such as a patio bench and some ornaments give the garden a refined touch of style. Try as much as you can to stick to natural materials that means reducing the use of metals and giving preference to wood and stone and have their surfaces done in white or earthy tones. Try and avoid fads when doing this, which is possible if you put some thought into what you want and have clear reasons for opting for one thing over the other. The furniture and ornaments are a fantastic way of breaking up the lines created by paths and planting segments.

4. Install Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is an essential element in any garden landscaping design. But when it comes to contemporary garden design, the lighting is not about having light fixtures in place, but more about what it is you wish to illuminate and how. Use the lights to accentuate the dull shades and to pop the different textures and patterns in the garden.

Garden Design Ideas

Are you looking for ways to spruce up your garden?

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your garden look good, and this article will tell you just how.

Shape Up

It is without a shadow of a doubt that cutting the garden into a clearly defined shape is the cheapest and easiest way to transform your lawn. A clearly defined shape would be something like a square, a circle or even an oblong. Mark it out using a string and then use a spade to get rid of the excess grass. It is not a hard task to undertake and should only take a few hours. The best part about this simple idea is that it costs nothing.


The low cost way to fill your flower beds with appealing plants is to purchase perennials that can be divided. This might come off as advanced gardening, but it is really not. It will work properly with clump-forming perennials like astrantia, hardy geraniums and geums.

Just take the plant out from the pot and spit it into 2 or 3 parts, each with a few stalks and roots. Dig a hole and plant each on the flowerbed. When they have grown and spread, you can then dig them up and split them again to plant even more. In just a few years, you will have an excellent display that initially cost you very little money. Just six geraniums are often enough to get going in an average sized lawn.


If you consider their size plus longevity, trees are cheap, and just a few of them will have a huge impact on the look of your garden. Consider small types such as Amelanchier lamarckii, which is an ornamental cherry, a crab apple or juneberry. Three should be adequate for a small to medium sized garden.

Patios and Paths

When it comes to improving the look and functionality of these parts of a garden, gravel is usually much more affordable than paving. Attempt to lay it in place, mark out the region and then scrape away the loose grass or soil.

The next step is to pin down a permeable layer in order to prevent weeds from growing and then spread the gravel on top of the membrane. Try and go for a depth of 2.5cm and pick pale gravel such as honey stone. This will great and appealing contrast between the garden and plants. A huge bag will cover approximately 20 square meters.

Lighting up your garden

The Lighting

Lighting is a pretty important aspect to address when it comes to garden design, but again, it does not have to cost a fortune.

Outdoor fairy lights can be easily found online, and they are a simple, quick and cost-effective way of lending an appealing glow to your patio and lawn. You can position them through shrub or tree branches, suspend them from canes erected from the ground or even attach them to furniture and fences. They can be run from a plug inside the home, and so, you do not have to spend money hiring an electrician. That is another huge plus when you are on a tight budget.

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